In 2015 I started on the cycle of paper cuts "CRAZY CREATURES AND FORMS".

At the same time, I was working on the series "WORD FORMATIONS (Wörter Bilde(r)n (please see works in Word Formations gallery), and the method of cutting out flowed into these word formations too.

Indian ink is used to build up the form, a relatively dry brush leaves areas of white from the paper to shine through. I use the light and the darkness to build up structures, which I then cut out. Depending on the shape, it either continues to develope as a form, or, a creature emerges. Here I would like to point out, that although only an outside line might be drawn to determine the overall shape of the "thing", I work spontaneously with no further drawing (if I get lost, I might quickly imprison a small area, getting my bearings once again).

A second sheet of paper is placed under the Indian ink and cut out. This second layer is normally in vibrant colours, but as time went on, the process was also reversed, so that the first layer is in colour.

Basically, instead of using the line to draw and form the shape, I cut the line away.

A further developement was to stick on paper parts (cut from the same piece) and in so doing, a third layer came into being. My attention was given to the creation of this additional layer. 

It just went on from here as I saved bits and pieces and started forming collages. Practically using up odd scraps...but, there was a need for more shapes and forms. So in addition I painted flowers, hands, all sorts of images which I could combine into a collage. The use of old drawings, watercolours, etc. were ripped up and used to build up a 3D collage. Today, I continue with this method!    

In 2015 begann ich den Zyklus von Scherenschnitten „Crazy Creatures and Forms“. Während ich an den "Word Formations (Wörter Bilde(r)n)" arbeitete, begann ich bereits mit dem Ausschneiden.

Die Tusche wird benutzt um die Form zu gestalten, der teils ziemlich trockene Pinsel lässt eine strukturierte Fläche zurück. Diese Struktur fliesst auch in der Gestaltung der neuen Wesen ein, wird ausgeschnitten und mit Acrylfarben, Aquarell oder Pastellkreiden auf einer zweite Ebene hinterlegt. Statt die Linie zu zeichnen, wird die Linie ausgeschnittenen, manchmal werden pflanzliche oder tierische Elemente ebenfalls ausgeschnitten.


TEAR UPS - 3D Collage - torn up old drawings and prints

3D Collages