Much of my inspiration is found in organic structures and the micro and macro worlds visible in tree bark. By cutting apart and reforming; piece for piece re-modelling; a whole new world opens up; a new story can be told.


I have always been tickled by the urge to travel, the need to see new things, and live pure escapism. I see my work as a possibility for all that, telling stories which evolve often from my own experiences, giving some work an autobiographical touch. However, a nonsensical story line can unfold, often accompanied by a humorous twist - inexplainable, but there. And to me it doesn't matter why, my „Looking Glass“ goes everywhere with me. It offers new perspectives with even a touch of the ridiculous, whenever desired.


My favoured working medium is Indian ink, the drawing nib sometimes cuts into the paper and each new layer forms the structure and construction. But also any form of cutting to carve linoleum or wood for relief prints, or cutting lines and forms on paper serve me well too.




2007 to 2010: Drawing - Herwig Berger


2007:            Salzburg Summer Academy: Painting - Anna Meyer


2008:            Traunkirchen Summer Academy:


                            Drawing - Georg Ritter/ Peter Hauenschild


2008 to 2010   Dietmer Brehm - Linz Art University

                    (non degree studies)


2008              Collagrafie - Kunito Nagaoka








Die Kunstschaffenden


Xylon Österreich



2020 Lebenslauf_lang.odt
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2020        Xylon East/West Batschuns
2020        Altstadtgalerie Gmünd/Kärnten 1.Juni bis 30.Juli
2020        Die Kunstschaffenden - NEXTCOMIC-Kooperation

                  NEXTCOMIC Festivals „Rollenbilder 2020“*
2020        BSA:Art and Friends - CDB Kulturquartier Linz

                 "Gleich ist nicht Gleich"/ Group Exhibition*
2020        Die Kunstschaffenden  #happybirthday75/ Group


2019       BSA-Art, „Gleichstellung“, Wissensturm Linz*
2019        Xylon and Friends, Structures in Wood, Kunsthaus

2019        BSA-Art, „Gleich ≠ Gleich“,Kulturmodell Bräugasse 9,

2019        BVOÖ, „REISEN Next Stop Linz“, Linz* (Next Comic

2018        BVOÖ, „Atelier und Labore“, Linz*
2018         Stifter Villa Kirschschlag „SCHÄDEL“*
2018        Xylon Österreich, 44er Haus Leonding*
2018        Xylon, InParadiso Galerie Venedig*
                 Structures in Wood, Venedig*
2018        BSA-Art, „Starke Frauen“, BSA Wien*


2017        BVOÖ, - „Jagen und Sammeln“*
2017        BSA-Art, Wissensturm, Linz - „Starke Frauen“*
2017        Next Comic Festival, BSA-Art, Dr. Ernst Koref-

                  Stiftung, “Starke Frauen und Roboter”*
2017        Next Comic Festival, Linz, BVOÖ - „We are the

2017        Papiermachermuseum Steyrermühl, BSA-Art -

                „Starke Frauen“*





2016        BVOÖ, - „Die Befragung der Realität“*
2016          Galerie Hofkabinett, Linz*
2016         Linz AG, Linz – 5 KOM.PON.EN.TEN*
2015        BSA-Art, Kunstuniversität, Linz – „Asyl:Land“*
2015        Raum der Kunst, Schloss Traun
2015        BVOÖ - „Die Neuen“*

2014        Galerie Hoffelner, Linz - “The Lady Behind the Trees”
2014        Wifi, Linz, - “The Lady Behind the Trees”

2013        Wimmer Mediengalerie, Wels