The freedom to express myself in any way I so desire is one of the reasons I am an artist. 

The mind is like a living library which harbours all kinds of information; experiences and encounters, silent pictures, written and spoken words, emotions and a lot more. Delving into this  source is my never-ending story book, which is continuously being modified and just doesn't seem to end - a bit like a chronicle.


As a graphic artist, my passion is the line in all its forms.

My favoured medium, on the one hand is drawing with a nib, dipped into a pot of Indian ink, on the other, cutting away the line from paper, lino or wood.

I have no intention of creating the perfect piece, splashes of ink, or a slip of the knife serve as new openings.

Over the years, my body of work can be seen as an ongoing process, structures being constructed and formed into new shapes and forms with often a different approach. .


Much of my inspiration is found in organic structures and the micro and macro worlds visible in tree bark. By cutting apart and reforming; piece for piece re-modelling; a whole new world emerges.



Often my work has a story line, which often evolves from my own experiences, giving some work an autobiographical touch. However, a nonsensical story line can unfold, often accompanied by a humorous twist - inexplainable, but there. And to me it doesn't matter why, my „Looking Glass“ goes everywhere with me. It offers new perspectives with even a touch of the ridiculous, whenever desired.


Since 2020 works in Kuretake Gansai Japanese watercolours are wandering in and out of my artistic processes.



2018                    Lithografie/Monotypie - Renate Moran 

2008 to 2010  Dietmer Brehm—nude studies, Linz Art University

2007 to 2010  Drawing -  Herwig Berger

2008              Traunkirchen Summer Academy:

                      Drawing - Georg Ritter/ Peter Hauenschild

2008               Collagrafie - Kunito Nagaoka

2007               Salzburg Summer Academy:

                      Painting - Anna Meyer


since 2010      self employed freelance artist

                      Public and private acquisitions







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2021          K.O.vid21 #2 feminINNIluksam*

                    Rathaus Steyr / Stadtplatz

                    10. Juni bis 10.August 2021

Xylon Österreich - Kooperation mit Xylon Schweiz

                                     EAST / WEST

                                     OFFICINA HELVETICA

                                     Alfred-Aebi-Strasse 71



2021          Altstadtgalerie Gmünd, Künstlerstadt, Kärnten

                    2nd May til 29th May 2021

                Gerda Obermoser Kotric / Georgina Krausz


2021          Die Kunstschaffenden

                    Next Comic "We are Family"

                    9. March til 31st March 2021

2020 -21  Paradigma Gallery Georgina Krausz/Karin Pliem,

                     Linz, A / 22.10. bis 5.März 2021

                     Embedded Entities (Krausz)/ Interwoven Lives                                   (Pliem)

2020       Xylon EAST-WEST 12 Okt. - Willkommen im                                        Holzschnitt Universum (Xylon Österreich/Schweiz)

2020        Xylon East/West Batschuns
2020        Altstadtgalerie Gmünd/Kärnten 1.Juni bis 30.Juli
2020        Die Kunstschaffenden - NEXTCOMIC-Kooperation

                  NEXTCOMIC Festivals „Rollenbilder 2020“*
2020        BSA:Art and Friends - CDB Kulturquartier Linz

                 "Gleich ist nicht Gleich"/ Group Exhibition*
2020        Die Kunstschaffenden  #happybirthday75/ Group


2019       BSA-Art, „Gleichstellung“, Wissensturm Linz*
2019        Xylon and Friends, Structures in Wood, Kunsthaus

2019        BSA-Art, „Gleich ≠ Gleich“,Kulturmodell Bräugasse 9,

2019        BVOÖ, „REISEN Next Stop Linz“, Linz* (Next Comic

2018        BVOÖ, „Atelier und Labore“, Linz*
2018         Stifter Villa Kirschschlag „SCHÄDEL“*
2018        Xylon Österreich, 44er Haus Leonding*
2018        Xylon, InParadiso Galerie Venedig*
                 Structures in Wood, Venedig*
2018        BSA-Art, „Starke Frauen“, BSA Wien*


2017        BVOÖ, - „Jagen und Sammeln“*
2017        BSA-Art, Wissensturm, Linz - „Starke Frauen“*
2017        Next Comic Festival, BSA-Art, Dr. Ernst Koref-

                  Stiftung, “Starke Frauen und Roboter”*
2017        Next Comic Festival, Linz, BVOÖ - „We are the

2017        Papiermachermuseum Steyrermühl, BSA-Art -

                „Starke Frauen“*  


2016        BVOÖ, - „Die Befragung der Realität“*
2016          Galerie Hofkabinett, Linz*
2016         Linz AG, Linz – 5 KOM.PON.EN.TEN*
2015        BSA-Art, Kunstuniversität, Linz – „Asyl:Land“*
2015        Raum der Kunst, Schloss Traun
2015        BVOÖ - „Die Neuen“*

2014        Galerie Hoffelner, Linz - “The Lady Behind the Trees”
2014        Wifi, Linz, - “The Lady Behind the Trees”

2013        Wimmer Mediengalerie, Wels